Branding #LdnOnt - Steve Bolton of Libro

I enjoyed this interview with Steve Bolton, Head Coach at Libro Credit Union. The conversation was hard to stay on the topic of London's brand as Steve has so many good comments on leadership as well. I loved how he framed the Libro strategic process around their 'why'.

Steve also had me thinking more about the region that surrounds London and re-opening my desire to explore the broader context of Southwestern Ontario. That will have to wait for another season :)

The first section of Branding #LdnOnt explores the concept of "A tale of two cities" - there are different narratives that come to the surface about London. Are we conservative? Progressive? Forward thinking? Looking backward? Looking forwards? The first three guests, Lynn Davis, Steve Bolton and Kapil Lakhotia set the stage for a review of what makes our city great.

You can listen to the audio or, if you keep scrolling, the full live stream video. The audio for this interview was originally captured as part of a Live Stream.

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Sponsor disclaimer: Libro agreed to sponsor season 1 of our podcast about 18 hours before Steve showed up for his interview. The ability to sponsor had no influence on who was invited to speak on the show. 



Season 1 is brought to you by Libro Credit Union