Let's go Back to the River

Is the Thames a great river?

For me, the river is an amazing natural treasure. I have walked its shores in quiet contemplation. I have biked along it both for commuting to work and for pleasure. I recall attending family reunions in Springbank Park as a child, playing with my cousins down by the river’s banks.

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Local Matters at election time

A few people have asked me for my opinion on both mayor and ward candidates. I figured I’d highlight a few ideas in one place. This year ranked ballots enter the fray. It will be fascinating to see how that works out.

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Egos and CEOs

At rTraction we do quarterly reviews. As the CEO of the organization, we have decided that the review will be a 360-style format conducted by our COO Rachel Berdan. A CEO performance review is different than other types of reviews. I think the main key difference is that everything is your fault as the CEO. The buck truly does stop here.

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Branding #LdnOnt

For as long as I’ve lived here, London Ontario has had an identity crisis. The departure of the finance and insurance industry in the 60s and the collapse of manufacturing in the early 2000s caused part of the problem. Every time London tries to craft a new identity, the world changes and that identity crumbles.

I believe I may have found the brand for the City, and want to put together a multi-media experience to tell our story.

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Vision for 2030 - More sustainable businesses

It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur. When I say “entrepreneur” I could just as easily mean a for profit business owner as a nonprofit leader, as the point here is entrepreneurial spirit vs. governance structure. I believe we’re just at the start of the sustainable business revolution, but I think there is more that we can — and must — do to accelerate that movement. Here’s why.

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The importance of Drama in High School

In 2014 we received news that the my daughter’s high school was canceling Grade 12 Drama. This is an excerpt from an email I sent to the Principal of the school. It highlights why I think the arts are an important part of our development as people, and in particular, young adults.

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Sharing Star Wars

This year, we’ve forgone some of the typical activities you’d see from a business around a holiday season. Instead, on December 30th, we’re taking 700 people to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We are inviting children from all different backgrounds (and their families) who may not have the means to experience the wonder and joy of the films as I did as a child. Here is the why.

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Part 2: How to avoid (mitigate?) being a terrible leader

This story may appear, at first glance, to be about me. It is actually about the team that I have built. Truly, it is a team of superheroes. I can credit one overarching skill that has brought me whatever success that I have had - my greatest skill is hiring good, smart people. To be clear, I don’t mean ‘good’ just from the technical skillset perspective; I mean ‘good’ in a far more impactful way -- I mean good-hearted.

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Pillar Accelerator - Day 1

Since starting rTraction, we’ve always had a community lens and a strong corporate social responsibility program - but we have only recently looked inwards to see how we can use our assets, skills and people to focus on making a positive impact in our community versus a separate program or values set. The businesses at the accelerator will start with their social purpose firmly entrenched.

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