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Egos and CEOs

At rTraction we do quarterly reviews. As the CEO of the organization, we have decided that the review will be a 360-style format conducted by our COO Rachel Berdan. A CEO performance review is different than other types of reviews. I think the main key difference is that everything is your fault as the CEO. The buck truly does stop here.

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Part 2: How to avoid (mitigate?) being a terrible leader

This story may appear, at first glance, to be about me. It is actually about the team that I have built. Truly, it is a team of superheroes. I can credit one overarching skill that has brought me whatever success that I have had - my greatest skill is hiring good, smart people. To be clear, I don’t mean ‘good’ just from the technical skillset perspective; I mean ‘good’ in a far more impactful way -- I mean good-hearted.

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